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What is ComicSort™, and what does it do?

ComicSort™ helps you organize files that have been downloaded from Usenet into subdirectories.

Once you have downloaded several nice comicscans from a newsgroup you notice that all these files have been dumped into one directory and the real work starts: Sorting the comics.
ComicSort™ sorts the files in a directory you select to different subdirectories based on their filenames. Corresponding checksum files (md5, sfv, csv) files will be added to the correct directories too. This saves you a lot of time cleaning out this unorganised mess.

Just select a directory and press the button and comicsort will move all files in that directory to appropriate subdirs (creating them as needed). If a file already exists in that subdir, the file is not moved. File attributes are not changed when moving the files.

How to Use ComicSort™

When you start ComicSort™ you see a simple explorer window. You can then browse to a directory of your choice where the files are located you want to sort. [middle button]

You can set some options for sorting and reporting in the options menu. You can also save the options and create a context menu entrie for ComicSort™, so that you can launch it when right-clicking on a folder. [upper right button]

You can also let ComicSort™ parse through all subfolders of the selected folder and run CRC checks on all files present there if possible. [lower right button]

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How does it do what it does?

ComicSort™ will put files from a single directory into newly created subdirectories in a relatively smart way in 2 steps:


If wanted, ComicSort™ will read any CRC files and look for files listed and put those files together into one subdirectory for each CRC file.


ComicSort™ will go through the listed files and based on similar filenames it will put files together into subdirectories. Since filenames and numbering conventions vary a lot this is less powerfull than step one, but it can still help.

Optionally CRC files can be launched to check the sorted files for corruption by externam program (ComicSort™ does check for bad CRC itself too), and a list of missing files can be generated. See version information for details about the program options.